With the largest deep drawing machine in Europe and an extensive range of products, Geerts Deep Drawing is an important player. In addition to the traditional materials such as stainless steel, copper and brass, Geerts also processes titanium into end products: extremely strong, light, corrosion-resistant and resistant to extreme fluctuations in temperature. Titanium, for example, is increasingly found in aircraft and shipbuilding and in the medical and food industries.
This latter is mainly due to the neutral influence of odour and taste.

For Geerts Deep Drawing and forming it was a challenge to transform titanium into a product. The company was well informed and thoroughly researched and experimented to get the process under control down to the smallest details to eventually produce high-quality products.


Products that must meet the high standards that Geerts Deep Drawing uses as well as the high standards of its customers.

Fully automatic

Besides the largest deep drawing machine in Europe, Geerts also has a fully automatic computer-controlled deep drawing press. The deep drawing press is a strong example of multifunctional ingenuity. For example, the robotised infeed and outfeed process ensures a fast turnaround time of the product with a low failure rate. The ultra-modern control techniques also ensure short set-up times and high accuracy. With the fully automatic deep drawing press Geerts can work flexibly and quickly switch to other products.